About us


The people

We are a group of motivated young people who follow the latest technological developments closely. Through a high level of knowledge and short lines, we can respond quickly to new market demands.


How we work

We work with the principle of "no cure, no pay". If we cannot offer a solution than we will tell you, otherwise we will solve it.


How it all started

"I have a problem".

"I have over 200 mobile silos, filled with dry mortar. These are all in use. I can find out where the silos are but I have no idea what the current content is. If a customer asks whether we can supply dry mortar, I have to sell no, knowing that there is somewhere an empty silo left with a customer, only I do not know where. Can you help me get insight into the location of a silo and what the current content is?"

With this question from the director of MegaMix, dry mortar supplier (a basic ingredient for cement), it has all begun. It was 2006, building was booming, and there was no system available that could remotely monitor the contents of the silos.

We have developed this system.

Unfortunately, the crisis came and the demand for construction fell completely. The silos content measurement system has only been used limited, but the basis for a remote monitoring system was laid.

What has changed in the last 10 years is that we are focusing on other markets, such as remote monitoring of gensets, cooling installations and machinery, on simple and complex issues.

What has not changed is our passion for finding solutions.


Our passion

Our specialty is remote monitoring. That’s our passion. We distinguish ourselves in this field through knowledge.


Our slogan

Since our start-up in 2006 we do one thing: we bring information which is far away close to you. Our slogan is: "Measurement remotely, control close by". And this in the simplest possible way. To the customer requirements.


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