Full control over your machines via VPN in combination with 24/7 remote monitoring.


With our modular solution you can monitor your installations 24/7 in combination with the option to remotely connect to your controllers, PLCs and other equipment. We distinguish ourselves from other suppliers by configuring the hardware for you so that you can easily connect it. The web portal will also be set up to your specifications.


Global overview of the architecture of the remote monitoring system for remote monitoring and remote access.



Fig 1: Architecture for 24/7 monitoring in combination with VPN for direct access.


What do we offer

  1. Router including 1 Gb simcard.
  2. DCB 3.0.
  3. Useraccount for the web portal 101connect.nl.


Installing router for remote access

Connect the router to the supply voltage (9-30 V) and on the network. The router has been configured correctly by us.

Since the router is equipped with a SIM card, it immediately makes a mobile connection after it has been connected to the voltage. Via the mobile connection we can, if necessary, provide support and adjust settings on the router remotely.


Installing the DCB 3.0 for 24/7 monitoring

Connect the DCB 3.0 to the voltage (12-30V), connect to the router and connect to the controllers / other equipment you want to monitor.

On the DCB 3.0 you will find a sticker with the connection diagram and the settings for the controller (baudrate, slaveid). If, in addition to the controller, other equipment is also being connected, such as a pump or a frequency converter, you will receive a separate installation manual



Fig 2: Example of a connection diagram for the DCB 3.0 (In this example for connection via RS485 with the controller).


Web portal https://101connect.nl

A separate web portal will be set up for each customer, with the dashboard being set up according to the customer's specifications. The address of the web portal is https: // [customer name].101connect.nl. Log in to the web portal with your username / password. These credentials will send you by mail.

Using this login account you can:

  • query and analyze the data collected 24/7 by the DCB 3.0.

  • make a direct connection to one of the components in the network via the router. This can be done via the Tab Management - VPN (see screen print below).


Establish a VPN connection

Downloading and installing the Setup VPN connection application is a one-time action. Then select the installation you want to connect to.

Step 1: Select the object / network you want to connect to. An overview of the controllers and other devices connected via the network is shown. Select the object you want to access.

Step 2: Open the connection. The connection is established



Fig 3: Screen for VPN access in web portal of 101connect.


Benefits of the web portal

The web portal has two functions integrated, namely:

  • remote monitoring - the installation is monitored 24/7 via the DCB 3.0 (Data Communication Box)

  • remote access & control - a secure VPN connection is made via the router for remote control of your machine.

You only have to log in once to gain access to all collected data and to access via a VPN connection, all in a well-organized dashboard.


Functionalities web portal 101connect for 24/7 monitoring

  • Dashboard layout to customer specifications

  • Clear access to all objects being monitored

  • 1 web portal for 24/7 monitoring but also for making a VPN connection

  • Analysis tool using dynamic graphs

  • Reporting and download options

  • Set alarm conditions. Alarm notifications via email, SMS or via APIs

  • User management - creating user accounts for customers and / or employees

  • OEM / Branding of the web portal is optional


Fully configured router

  • The router is fully configured for use of the mobile connection and for a connection via Ethernet

  • The router comes with a 1GB M2M SIM card. If necessary, the SIM card can be expanded to 2GB.

  • The router only uses an outgoing line. Connection to your company network is not required, but this is also not possible, so no security issues.


The DCB 3.0

The DCB 3.0 is used to monitor the controller (plus any other peripherals). The DCB 3.0 is configured by us for a controller specified by you. Data is transmitted at a frequency you specify. The frequency by which data is sent depends on time or depends on a trigger or a combination of both. It is possible to adjust the configuration remotely if, for example, free fields are put into use or additional peripherals are added.



You do not have to worry about things like WAN setup, the Network setup, DHCP settings, IP addresses, configuring address registers, choice of SIM cards and other technical matters..


We deliver a working system that you only need to connect. No cure no pay.


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On the dashboard the status of your installations is displayed.

The dashboard is made "customized". The client specifies the information to be displayed, and how this information should be presented (map, graphs, tables). You can make a dashboard for each user account. Because a service technician needs other information than a planner. A manager rental wants to see other information than a lessee. Thus, depending on your role, you can make a user account with its own dashboard.

See some examples below.



Example 1 – Overview all systems



Example 2- dashboard genset



Example 3 – graph for analyse purpose

Example 4 – PI&D





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Using a wizard, you can specify conditions. If this condition is current you will get a notification. Notifications are sent by SMS or email. You can specify the conditions and SMS numbers and / or email addresses yourself. In addition, alerts are always displayed on the report "messages".



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