Monitoring all data points / data registers

The remote monitoring system enables you to monitor mobile security cameras, accu packs, vans or other (mobile) installations. All information of accu packs, solar panels, fuel cells, gensets or energy meter is transmitted wirelessly. The remote monitoring system is connected directly to the controller. The entire data register is read, including all information about status and alarms, and (if available) the event log and alarm list. This information is transmitted wirelessly or via a fixed line connection. You decide what information you want to see and in what layout the information should be displayed on the dashboard (see: dashboard) You can also create your own reports

With this information it is possible to :

  • state of charge
  • battery voltage
  • monitoring energy consumption
  • scheduling the service interval (Maintenance Schedule)
  • show current position on a map
  • error messages by email or SMS (see: alarms)
  • or remotely adjust settings of set points

See opposite - controllers for which we have a standard solution.


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On the dashboard the status of your installations is displayed.

The dashboard is made "customized". The client specifies the information to be displayed, and how this information should be presented (map, graphs, tables). You can make a dashboard for each user account. Because a service technician needs other information than a planner. A manager rental wants to see other information than a lessee. Thus, depending on your role, you can make a user account with its own dashboard.

See some examples below.



Example 1 – Accupack



Example 2 – Fuel cell


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Using a wizard, you can specify conditions. If this condition is current you will get a notification. Notifications are sent by SMS or email. You can specify the conditions and SMS numbers and / or email addresses yourself. In addition, alerts are always displayed on the report "messages".