Inventory control

The remote monitoring system allows you to remotely monitor the contents of storage silos or tanks. The remote monitoring system is connected to the content meter. This information is transmitted wirelessly or via a fixed line connection. You decide what information you want to see and in what layout the information should be displayed on the dashboard. You can also create your own reports.

With this information it is possible to:

  • monitoring of consumption
  • give authorization to the fuel supplier to check the content level he can refill in time
  • show current position on a map
  • forward error messages by email or SMS

Using the dashboard you can see at a glance the status of your machines

The remote monitoring system can be connected to different brands / types of content meter. Does your silo / tank has no content meter? Then we can give you advise. The dashboard is made "customized". You can specify what information you want to see, and over what period and how this information is presented on the dashboard. A fuel supplier has a different information need than a planner. So, different users of the remote monitoring system, want to see different information. In the remote monitoring system this is solved by using customized dashboards. Every user account has its own dashboard.

See below an example of a dashboard.



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Using a wizard, you can specify conditions. If this condition is current you will get a notification. Notifications are sent by SMS or email. You can specify the conditions and SMS numbers and / or email addresses yourself. In addition, alerts are always displayed on the report "messages".



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