DEIF remote access using DEIF Utility Software


The remote monitoring system gives you the option, in addition to the 24-hour monitoring of your DEIF, to access the DEIF controller directly using the DEIF utility software.

Great advantages of our solution is that you do not need ICT knowledge to establish remote access. For example, you do not need to set an IP address or COM port.

The data communication box, the hardware that provides a connection, is configured by us for a DEIF controller. This means that you only need to connect the communication box to the DEIF controller and to the power supply.


In 2 steps, you can make a remote connection to the DEIF controller using the DEIF utility software.

The first step is to install the program “101 Transparent”. Here is an instructional video how to download this program from our site and to install it.



The next step is to make a connection to the DEIF controller.



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