Remote monitoring Aplus Camille Bauer - energymeter


The Aplus is a universal measurement, monitoring, and power quality analyzer from Camille Bauer. It complements the product portfolio of indicative power measurement devices with a high-end variant. It is also suitable for applications in power distribution, tough industrial environments, and in building automation.

This power measurement devices can be monitored remotely. We use the Modbus/RTU option.

The measured values are presented in a web application. This application is also available on your smartphone.

Below is an example of web application from a customer with about 5 APlus energy meters. These are built into a suitcase and are used for measurements at various geographical locations.

You can set the layout of the dashboard, such as the number of graphs and the variables to be presented in the charts. Additionally, you can set up alarm conditions and the system has extensive reporting capabilities.


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