Remote monitoring using CAN BUS

The remote monitoring system makes it possible to remotely read messages from CAN-bus. For engines equipped with the CAN J1939 communication protocol there is a standard solution, in which 16 different messages are read, like Engine Speed, Oil Pressure, Fuel Pressure, Coolant Temperature and Oil Temperature. In addition to this standard plug-and-play solution there are many more messages which can be read, so almost every request for information can be realized.


Besides CAN J1939 OBDII or Can Open is also an option. In addition, other parameters which are not equipped with a CAN bus connection can be read via the analog and/or digital inputs or outputs.


MCU - Motor Control Unit


These messages are presented via a web application on your PC, tablet or smartphone. You can set alarm conditions, at all data elements, using a user-friendly wizard. Alarm messages are sent by SMS and/or email.



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