Remotely monitoring power generation

The remote monitoring system allows you to remotely monitor the status of your battery pack, inverter, fuel cell or solar panel. The remote monitoring system is transmitting all available information wirelessly and through a web application you have insight into the status of your installations.


The layout of the dashboard allows you to fill in your own wishes. In this example, the "Data Frequency Fast" function is included. Activating this feature sends high frequency data. This feature can be stopped via the web application or stops automatically after 15 or 30 minutes (adjustable). The rate at which data is transmitted then goes to a lower frequency. This feature is useful when someone is working at an accupack, changes settings, and service engineer can remotely check what the effect of this adjustment.

The frequency with which data is transmitted will not be set higher than strictly necessary. As a result, data costs are limited. But if necessary, the frequency of data transmission can be increased.

The "Show route" feature shows the traveled route over the selected period.

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