Siemens Simatic S7 and LOGO!


The Siemens Simatic S7 and Siemens Logo! is a controller that can be used for various applications.


The Siemens S7 can be monitored remotely. The option to monitor the Siemens S7 remotely is used by some of our customers.

Via the web application you can set alarms, depending on the variables that are transmitted. Because of the flexibility of the Siemens PLC, this is for every application different. The measured values are presented via a web application. These can also be requested via your smartphone. .

The remote monitoring system for the Siemens Simatic S7 and Siemens Logo! is delivered plug-and-play and is ready for use. When you provide us the addresses we can set up the configuration for you.


Some of our customers use the Siemens S7 or Siemens Logo! which are monitored by our remote monitoring system. Here is an overview of the some different applications.


The self-driving weeding machine to lie on, the so-called “ligwieder”, is developed by Plantsystems Europe. It is powered by solar energy and controlled by a Siemens S7 PLC. This “ligwieder” is monitored remotely. Information such’s the return of the solar panels, battery status, driving speed, traveled route, working time, and rest time is remotely available. If you want to see how this solar powered weeding machine, click on the photo of the “ligwieder” for a video


Below is an example of the web application (for a German customer of the weeding machine) of the remote monitoring system for Plantsystems Europe.




A number of pumps from Eekels Pump solutions are monitored remotely. The pump performance, as well as deviations in behavior, are reported immediately. Using historical data, trends can be identified.



Energyst Rental Solutions, is monitoring remotely chillers (refrigeration systems) which are controlled by a Siemens S7. Not only the chiller but also other "peripherals" can be read through the Siemens S7 and can be monitored remotely.

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