Smart metering - high frequency at low costs


Combining smart software with a fast processor, it is now possible to provide high accuracy data at low cost.

This is how it works. With a (adjustable) frequency of 2 to 5 seconds data is read. If there is no change or change within a preset delta, no data will be send. The delta is determined by you. If there is a change then this information will be send immediately. Additionally the current value is send, for example, 1x per hour.


See the chart below.



In this example, a measurement is performed every 2 seconds. If the most recent measurement differs less than the delta from the second last measurement, the system does not send data. If the deviation is greater than the previously set delta, the new value will be forwarded immediately.

Also in this example, a value is passed 1x per hour. This will ensure you that this variable is measured.

The major advantage of this measurement method is that the actuality of the data is very high while the amount of data being sent (and related to data costs) is limited.

This method has two big advantages: low data costs with high accuracy.


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