Telenor multi provider sim cards

For our remote monitoring systems we use SIM cards from Telenor, one of the largest provider of M2M SIM cards in Europe. Telenor SIM cards have the advantage that the coverage worldwide is very good.

In addition, another advantage is that we can offer competitive rates because we can purchase cards and data directly from Telenor without intermediary.

This is beneficial for you as a customer.

Telenor SIM cards have the following advantages:

1. The use of multiple networks - Multi-Provider.

If a network is not available due to a malfunction or because of poor coverage, then automatically the card is switching to another network. The probability that no connection can be made is thus considerably reduced.

Telenor uses the networks from for example Vodafone, KPN, T-mobile, Orange and AT & T.

2. EU rate for a large number of non-EU countries

The EU rate applies to all EU countries and also for a large number of non-EU countries. You will benefit from this if your machines / systems are used outside countries from the European Union


List of countries with the EU and countries with multi-rate network coverage


Country Multi network European price group
Austria X X
Australia X X
Belgium X
Brazil X
Bulgaria X
Chile X
China, peoples rep. X
Croatia X
Cyprus X X
Czech republic X X
Denmark X
Germany X X
Faroe Islands X
Finland X
France X
Greece X X
Hong Kong X X
Hungary X X
Italy X
Latvia X X
Liechtenstein X
Lithunia X X
Luxembourg X
Malta X
Montenegro X
Myanmar X
Netherlands X X
Norway X
Poland X X
Portugal X X
Puerto Rico X
Romania X
Russia X
Serbia X
Singapore X
Slovakia X
Slovenia X
Spain X X
Taiwan X
United Kongdom X
South Korea X
Sweden X
Switzerland X X


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